Via del Campo 1 (Siena)

The Torre del Mangia so called because from 1347 to 1360 the town called for assignment that Giovanni di Balduccio rider known as "eat" or "Mangiaguadagni" to beat the hours, so named because it looks like it was a scialaquone, after which he was replaced by an automaton who in remembrance of his first hitter was called Eat. The remains of this automaton are preserved today in the courtyard of the Podestà. The Tower of power and symbol of elegance was started by brothers Francis and Mamo of Rinaldo in 1325 and finished around 1348. The 87 meters high tower and ben 102 until lightning rod, is cooked up to the Crown, under the belfry is in travertine, the latter part is by Agostino di Giovanni (Siena) designed by Lippo Memmi. In 1666 after several attempts at Fusion was placed a large Bell that the Sienese called the "Campanone" also called "Summary" why dedicated to the Madonna Assunta.

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