CONCA MARINA (Tempio Pausania)

The nuraghic civilization saw its beginnings during the Middle Bronze age (1600 BC) and lasted for about a Millennium, until the arrival of the Carthaginians in the 6th century BC.

The culture is named after the most characteristic monument which is a constant of the Sardinian landscape: the nuraghe. There are approximately 7000 nuraghes, a large number in relation to the extension of the island, which is around 24,000 sq km.

In the town of Tempio Pausania 22 nuragic sites are attested; among the best preserved is the Nuraghe Majori, the subject of recent archaeological excavations.

It is 498 meters height on a s.l.m dome granite covered with a dense forest of mixed Cork oak, Holm oak, oak, ash and Alder; , the undergrowth is composed of Phillyrea, strawberry tree, Heather and butcher's broom.

The monument is located in a strategic position, control the territory along with the numerous nuraghi arranged in surrounding hills.

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