PIAZZA DUCALE, 20 (Vigevano)

Oggi: 2:00 PM-5:30 PM
9:06 PM-9:06 PM

The Musei Civici di Vigevano "Luigi Barni" include the Pinacoteca Civica named after the vigevanese painter Casimir brass, the footwear Museum titled entrepreneur Pietro Bertolini (located at the stud of the Castello Sforzesco in Vigevano – 1st floor) and the Museum of entrepreneurship vigevanese (located at the rooms of the former orphanage Merula, Merula, 40 in Vigevano). The entire core of the Musei Civici has been dedicated to Luigi Barni (1 October 1877 – 28 May 1952), a man of great foresight and passion that contributed significantly to the birth and growth of art collections exhibited today.

Winter: from Tuesday to Friday 14.00/17.00;  Saturday and Sunday 10.00-17.30;
Summer: from Tuesday to Friday 14.00/17.00;  Saturday and Sunday 10.00-18.00

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