Museo del Tesoro del Duomo

Piazza Sant’Ambrogio, 14 (Vigevano)

The Museo del Tesoro del Duomo is inaugurated in the years ' 70, but locals who accommodate are those of the old Sacristy, which from the beginning have guarded the beautiful objects on display today. The core of the Museum is from the donation of Francesco II Sforza to the Diocese of Vigevano novella in 1534.

In 1529 Francesco II Sforza was successful, thanks to the intercession of Pope Clement VII, to the Duchy of Milan and forgiveness of Charles V, who, after having placed on the Ducal throne in 1521, had taken him four years later accusing him of betrayal for the conspiracy concocted by his advisor Gerolamo Morone. A few months later, Francis obtained from the Pope that his hometown, Vigevano, assurgesse to the diocese and, realizing what for years had been a dream of his father: Ludovico il Moro. Recent historical studies have revealed an ambitious project of Moro on the erection Vigevano and of the city to Episcopal seat in order to create with the bishopric "a rich and prestigious ecclesiastic who could worthily serve the Court, now almost permanently resident in Vigevano, and mainly composed of men of the Court" the Dark design was therefore an entire city , including also the ecclesiastical section, which acted as a perfect backdrop to his court. Very important was the obtaining of Francis II, also for himself and his heirs, to appoint bishops personally chair of Vigevano.
Countless silver furnishings, tapestries, precious Chorals, paintings, wooden furnishings and liturgical vestments arrived in Vigevano to adorn the Cathedral and today constitute the most important part of the Museo del Tesoro del Duomo. The concept of treasure, although not exactly the term, was already present in the ancient documents and inventories drawn up after the donation of Francesco II, where greater attention was mainly paid to silver. Today remain of the ancient donation only eight items of precious metal, but some of these, i.e. peace, the processional cross, the chalice and the pastoral Bishops ' are arguably the most prestigious and valuable of the entire donation and with their special characteristics have qualified together.

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