Opened in 2001 as a result of an agreement between the Diocesan Seminary and the city of Chiavari, reflects the heritage of the physics Cabinet established in 1828 by father Giovanni Maria Pittaluga. In 1884 joined the weather Observatory-for the initiative of the priest Baine in collaboration with Father Francesco Denza (the founder of the Italian Meteorological Society and the National Meteorological network). The current naming is reminiscent of two priests who have long lent their teaching and scientific surveys in the Observatory. the importance of super Observatory by far that of the physical Cabinet, however, immediately absorbed by the Observatory itself. This in fact, since the time of its founding, was among the most modern and richly equipped in Italy, and soon was invited to be part of the Italian meteorological network recently instituted. with the birth of air navigation, the Centre of Chiavari played his irreplaceable station function for monitoring the atmosphere for flight assistance and acquitted in his important and delicate task until the day when the Italian Air Force established a weather station aposita during construction of the first Genoa airport. Chiavari Observatory, moreover, has always provided weather data to radio, television and local newspapers, the Ministry of public works, the Ministry of agriculture and forests, the Hydrographic Office of the Civil Engineering Office. the Museum is divided into three sections: physics Cabinet with about 300 units dated from the late 18th century to the early nineteenth century. Seismology with three seismographs of working epopoca. Meteorology (with antique detection equipment) and modern, with interactive showcase and laboratory that simulates a weather office related to a data acquisition station actually working.

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