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The Museum opened to the public the three rooms on the ground floor of "Villa Tigullio" in 1990 and in 1997 the halls undermount located at 5. the collections consist of over 1400 items in very rare and precious lace, dating from the 16th to the 20th century and about 5000 drawings and cardboard used for the production of lace. Originates from a donation received by the municipality of Rapallo in the years ' 70 by the Lions Club Rapallo following the closure of the famous Zemaro factory which, for over half a century in Rapallo, produced quality laces such as to overcome the borders of Liguria to the domestic and international markets has obtained prestigious awards at various art classes. As a result of the opening of the new halls of the Museum, in 1997 were given other rare Collections. The path that winds on two floors for a total of 8 Conference allows you to admire upstairs, including a sampling of artifacts of the Zemaro collection, a large lace Panel made in the years ' 60. Along Mt. 8.10 and above Mt. 1.15, made huge drawings of set designer and painter Lele luzzati, represents the comedy of Italian art. Downstairs you can admire, among other things, fine embroidery in silver and gold, a precious BOTEZ, complete a series of headphones, ombrelline, bourgeois and aristocratic clothing, a collection of Haute Couture dresses of half of ' 900. Are on sale at the Museum CD ROM consultation system, the notebooks of the Museum, the catalogue and postcards.

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