Via delle Scotte 14 (Siena)

The synagogue, designed in 1786 on the site where it stood previous places of prayer, is located in vicolo delle Sheets near the Piazza del Campo. Today is one of the few examples of architecture between Rococo and Neoclassicism in Tuscany. The simple façade and, in contrast, the elegant interior richly decorated examples are synagogues built prior to emancipation. The slightly rectangular Hall, home to the sides of the benches, while in the middle is the podium (Tevah) enriched by nine to ten candelabra arms from the 18th century. Among the objects preserved deserves special attention a Chair of Elijah, placed in the large entrance which precedes the worship Hall, donated to the community in 1860 by Rabbi Nissin. On the back are finely inlaid wooden verses reminiscent of circumcision, ceriminia for which it was created. The visit of Sinogoga is complemented by a small view teaching in Italian and in English: a path of texts, pictures and documents, significant events of Jewish presence by 700 years.

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