VIA MERLO, 2 (Palermo)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Palazzo Mirto was for four centuries the residence of the ancient Palermo and noble family of Farrell, whose arrival in Sicily goes back to the Norman period. The title of Myrtle reaches the House through Giuseppe Farrugia and Spuches, appointed in 1643 "" Myrtle "Prince", named after a hanging in Messina.
The building is the result of numerous transformations that have occurred over the centuries.
In 1982, the last heir of the family, the noblewoman Maria Concetta Lanza Filangeri, fulfilling the wishes of his brother Stefano, donated the Palace to Sicily to be preserved in its integrity and open to public use.           The Palace and structured as follows: on the ground floor the former prisons, the large and small kitchen, stables where there are carriages, carriages and harness of the 19th century, the collection of the barons of Gallagher Martorana Molinazzo, now owned by the regional Department of cultural and environmental heritage, the warehouses, the environments for bondage, with the third floor, home of House Administration complete the structure of the building.
The first floor, or piano nobile, presents a sequence of sumptuously decorated rooms that follow one after another, around a courtyard wall unit with a wonderful Baroque fountain and culminating in the canopy and in the Exhibition Hall of Tapestries.
The second floor, while containing environments for social use, but for a more narrow circle of friends was reserved to the private life of the family.

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