VIA PONTONI, 5 (Camerino)

The Departmental Herbarium, is traced around 1920; though the first reports of the presence of herbaria in Camerino, dating back to around 1600. The earliest reference is to a herbarium dating to late 16th century or early 17th century, already described by Alberico Benedicenti. Another witness is due instead to a book-anonymous Herbarium, course of study, attributable to approximately the second half of the 18th century and containing 155 plants. It is a hand-bound book, in fairly good condition, constituted externally from a hardcover tray lined with sheep on the coast "Herbarium"; the species are fastened through the strips of paper covered with flour paste. The sheets are made from handmade paper like "written velino", produced by Fabriano paper mills certainly, stamped with a filigreed coat of arms in the middle. All the material is without indication of location, resulting in the loss of important information and should probably serve as a "Guide" for the determination; among the plants present the Polium montanum (Teucrium polium), Gallium luteum (Galium verum), Digitalis (Digitalis micrantha) less. The nomenclature used is in some cases only, while only the binomial headlines are accompanied by some autograph note definitely Vincenzo Ottaviani, Professor of Botany and chemistry. It is precisely the figure of Ottaviani, between the various characters or botanical garden curators alternatisi at Camerino, which stands out for being one of the main relevant a. Bailey author Flora Italica (1833-54), the first work of its kind in Italy.

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