Musei Civici-Carriage Museum and art gallery

Piazza Vittorio Veneto 2 (Macerata)

The historical and artistic heritage of the municipality of Macerata preserved until 2007 at the library, from 2008 was transferred to the new Palazzo Buonaccorsi. The building, commissioned by the family following the attainment of the patriciate citizen in 1652 and the investiture to count of Simone Buonaccorsi in 1701 by Clement XI, has since December 2009 the Carriage Museum and at the same time allows you to admire the decorations of the noble floor, particularly the magnificent Gallery of the Aeneid. The collections of ancient and modern art are still under construction. Since 2006 the museum management is entrusted to the institution culture – Macerata library and museums.

The basements, originally the stables of the Palace, home to the new cab, Museum reopened to the public with a completely renovated the December 8, 2009.
At the end of the route you can access the multimedia installation In a carriage! Invitation to travel in the territory that offers a modern Macerata journey to some inland destinations suggesting navigation experience with this medium.
The original nucleus of the collection, seven sports coaches, was donated to the town by count in 1962 Pieralberto. The collection has been enriched by important donations over the years that they expanded the range: from 19th century saloon building types, with carriages for strollers, carriages horse trainer along with dovizioso harness, Kit, accessories.
The Museum also features a brief tour aimed at smaller audiences, consisting of five play-interactive workstations.
The main floor, decorative jewel itself by the early eighteenth century, is characterized by the enfilade of rooms with coffered ceilings and paintings of mythological subjects leading to the Gallery of the Aeneid, representation of the entire building.

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