Museum Villa Colloredo Mels

Via Gregorio XII, già Via del Duomo, (Recanati)

Villa Colloredo Mels was purchased by the city of Recanati, who has opened in 1998 the musei civici di Recanati, divided into various sections with evidence documenting the history and art of Recanati from prehistory to the present day. It is divided into five sections: the archaeological section, which allows to know the organisation of a Neolithic community (6th millennium BC) until the iron age; the medieval section documenting the life of the city in the heyday includes, in addition to some high-quality paintings, the aforementioned Bull of Frederick II, with the rare golden seal, the St. Francis Sandals made from santa Chiara, brought in Recanati by Pope Gregory XII; the Renaissance section boasts, in addition to the famous works of Lorenzo Lotto, the altarpiece with a Madonna and Saints by Gregorio Pagani, one of the greatest Florentine painters of the ' 500; the section of the ' 600 and ' 700 has two beautiful pottery, the boy with goose and the Madonna with the child, recanatese fuser. Giacomo Leopardi, a native of Recanati, is dedicated to the 19th century section, documenting the historical context,
The Museum also includes a gallery of modern and contemporary art, with rooms dedicated to artists or recanatesi related culturally to the city.

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