Museo Diocesano di Recanati

via Gregorio XII, 2 (Recanati)

The Museum is housed in the premises of the old Bishop's Palace, ancient building dating from 1240, which, after several renovations,   was restored in 1957 to house the collection of sacred art Diocesan. The building is still annexed the Papal prisons including a guard room, a great room and two cells. The Museum is divided into two large rooms accessed through an artistic inlaid panels of door recanatese Vitaliano Benedettucci (1957). The collections of paintings, statues, ornaments and vestments that represent the artistic heritage of the Museum, come from churches and the sacristies of the diocese and in particular from the Cathedral. The Museum was moved to the main floor (first floor) of the Palace, where she was a wider exposure and articulate, May 23, 2006 opened at the behest of Bishop Luigi Conti. The Museum is the branch of the Diocesan Museum of Macerata.

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