Fondazione Merz

Via Limone 24 (Turin)

Oggi: 11:00 AM-7:00 PM
7:55 PM-7:55 PM

B 18 °

Opened in 2004, just over a year after the death of Mario Merz (1925-2003), was founded to house the works of the ' father ' of arte povera, a heritage of great historical value, in order to keep it, protect it, make it accessible and understandable to a wide audience. The Foundation is a place where you can trace the story of a painter-sculptor, assembler-Installer, existential and conceptual constructor, which debuted in 1953 with a pictorial language abstract expressionist, informal material research and visionary. A temple for the artist agreement-philosopher who chooses the spiral to tell the cosmic movement, continuous cycle and regenerating nature. The seat of the Foundation is the former thermal central agreement Launches workshops located in Borgo San Paolo district in Turin. The building is an example of industrial architecture of the 1930s. The project of renovation and restoration, supported both by private and public funds (city of Turin and the Piedmont region), has affected the entire building, redefining the internal spaces and taking into account the cultural purposes for which the Foundation intends to operate. The renovation project of the former thermal Central of Launches has pursued the research of the original simplicity of installation and has revived a reading easily observable, but also evocative of its function. The exhibition was inaugurated on April 30, 2005, with the first of a series of retrospectives that the city of Turin has dedicated this year to the memory of Mario Merz. The Foundation is committed to supporting the study, research and promotion of initiatives related to art and contemporary culture. Chaired and directed by Beatrice Merz, the Foundation relies on the collaboration of a Scientific Committee composed by Vicente Todolí (Director of Tate Modern, London), Dieter Schwarz (Director of the Kunstmuseum, Winterthur) and Richard Flood (Chief Curator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, USA).

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