Museo della Civiltà Contadina of the Abbey of Santa Maria di Chiaravalle di Fiastra

contrada abbadia di fiasta(stada statale 78), 2 (Tolentino)

The Museum, founded in 1985 by the Fondazione Giustiniani Bandini ", and housed in the former guesthouse of the monastery of Santa Maria di Chiaravalle, covers an area of 350 square meters and gathers items and household tools-rural. The collection includes material of various kinds, including frames and filarelli, presses and linked objects to the production of wine, wooden plows ("perticari"), sowing, mowing machines, paintings, yokes, sift and crivelli, planes and axes from Carpenter, games. The Museum offers a wide panorama of life, share-of agricultural landscape, furnishings of houses (kitchen, bedroom, cellars, textures, bigattiera) through a large collection of photos and materials.

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