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The home, built in the 15th century was bought in 1460 by Raphael's father, Giovanni Santi (1435-1494) organized its own workshop where Raphael (1483-1520) learned the first notions of painting. Purchased in 1635 by the urbinate Muzio Oddi, passed in 1873 Raphael Academy that was founded in 1869 by Pompeo Gherardi became jealous keeper, promoting research, works and studies related to the figure of the great painter from Urbino. On the first floor opens a large room where there is the Annunciation, canvas by Giovanni Santi, along with copies of two nineteenth-century works by Raphael: the Madonna della Seggiola and Ezekiel's vision. In a small adjoining room, the room where the painter, is the fresco of the Madonna and child attributed by critics Raphael young. Of particular interest are a drawing attributed to Bramante (1444-1514), and the collection of Renaissance ceramics. Upstairs, headquarters of the Academy, are preserved manuscripts, rare editions, coins, portraits: typical examples of 19th-century culture meaning reminiscent and celebratory.

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