Museum Theatre Archive

Via Verdi 47 (Piacenza)

Set up in the foyer of the municipal theatre, the Museum describes the historical events of methodically building, built to a design by Lothar Tomb at the beginning of the 19th century on the site of two 18th-century theatres, Citadel, destroyed by fire in 1798, and Saline, demolished in those same years as derelict. Exposed documentation include the Playbill represented for the inauguration, which took place on September 10, 1804 with Zamori, hero of the Indies, serious drama per musica by Giovanni Simone Mayr, a sketch of the "warden", painting by d. Maheshwari in 1826, acquerellati figures of l. to Hannibal in Bithynia Braghini, dated 1821 and some memorabilia of Giuseppe Verdi and Luigi Illica. On the top floor, traditionally reserved for designers, a large hall was adjusted in the mid 70 's exhibition space. Here you can see photographs of artists and books of works of the century repertoire outputs.

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