The Reggia di Venaria


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Venaria Reale is one of the main residences of Savoy UNESCO along with the Royal Palace Turin, Palazzo Madama and other Savoy residences in Piedmont. It is located in the Lanzo, a few kilometers from Turin, The numerous events and exhibitions in the former stables now make it one of the museums and tourist attractions which attracts most visitors. The name comes from the Latin term that means hunting palace, probably because the forests around were full of game.

The exhibition of the Royal Palace, mainly on the issue of history and art of Savoy, was superior even to a scenic viewpoint. Historical characters, played by famous Italian actors, are projected as holograms in the halls, repopulated the Reggia di Venaria and revive the eighteenth century rooms of living history, the characters take visitors along almost 2,000 meters of history, beauty and culture with their intrigues court, envy and jealousy. The installation is the brainchild of the artistic genius of Peter Greenaway, one of the most significant contemporary British filmmakers, and is called "Peopling the Palaces".

Vittorio Amedeo II called to work there before Garove and then Juvarra, who built some of his masterpieces: the Great Gallery, mistakenly called the Gallery of Diana, the particular floor, the Chapel of St. Hubert and the complex consisting of the Great Stables and Citroniera . The complex is impressive: accessed from the main entrance you are greeted in the main courtyard, in the center of which stood a fountain known as the deer, the main front in plaster cornucopias with shells and fruits is on the right as a "scarred" by a break the bricks that surround the part of the seventeenth century eighteenth century, following the intervention of the first court architect Amedeo di Castellamonte.

In the summer a long walk in the gardens you can admire the elegance of the palace in all its splendor. The gardens of the Royal Palace of Venaria combine ancient and modern. One example is the installation "Garden of Fluid Sculptures" by Giuseppe Penone, a work of modern art that presents bronze trees, fountains and groves created and replicated on the basis of the Garden of the Fountains Amedeo di Castellamonte had previously made the park of the Palace.

Also in summer it is worth the spectacle of the Water Theatre. It is an aquatic show music where 100 water jets, some even as high as 12 meters, dancing in the Court of Honor at the entrance to the Palace of Venaria in the main courtyard, the Grand Courtyard, the site of the Fountain of the Stag. It 'a fascinating show to see if you visit the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, one of the residences of Savoy UNESCO most loved and visited.

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