Mariano Museum of contemporary sacred art

Via Mazzini, 179, (Comacchio)

Is housed on the first floor of the Capuchin monastery annexed to the Church of s. Maria in Aula Regia. Includes a collection of about 150 items including paintings, sculptures and ceramics inspired by the Marian cult, initiated since 1977 at the initiative of Father Antonio Stacchini and subsequently ampliatasi thanks to donations by individual artists. The works are largely attributable to the regional context, although there are several well-known Italian artists of the twentieth century, starting with Remo Brindisi, principal organizer of the Museum during the 1980s, Aldo Borgonzoni, Dino Zuffi, Pericle Fazzini, Pietro Lenzini, Aldo Rain, Emma Civillero, Gian Carlo Stefano Basili, buttons, Feeley, Giordano Pavan, Patrizia Bentini, Myrtle Kittens, Franco Pal, Louis Main , Arnaldo Pomodoro, Fra Ugolino Emilio Bellotti and Sepo; and sculptures by Osvaldo Forno, Goffredo Gaeta, Adriana Mastellari, Agostino Venanzio Reali, Giorgio Boccaccini, Nicola Sagar, Aldo Borgonzoni, Franco Salemi, Louis P and Agostino Bonalumi. Next to modern works, it also has an exhibition of prints. Currently part of the works are exhibited in the Museum of San Giuseppe at Bologna.

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