VIA SAN NICOLO', 1 (Levanto)

The permanent exhibition of material culture, inaugurated the August 8, 1981, is based in a historic 2009 from 14th-century building owned by? the municipality of Levanto attached to hostel Ospitalia del Mare? The preparation? was treated by the homonym Cultural Association which has as its primary purpose the collection, documentation and study of the traditions of the levantese. Currently about 300 artifacts are on display, set up in the first of the planned sections, devoted to activities? and articulated agricultural in the following exhibition cycles:-working tools; II-the vine and wine; III-the mills and Mills; IV-livestock and its products; V-the home and domestic furniture; Vi-games and traditions. a brief card, bearing the name and the Italian dialect, the resort? and some information regarding the methodology of use, allows to place on its finding quickly any reference cycle and to understand the actual use. Within the View? a documentary section devoted to oral traditions in the area. A library and a specialised store let you delve into aspects of the local dialect, sorted by proverbs, sayings, rhymes, fables, folk songs and testimonies of past ways of life. Annexed to the View? Open the reconstruction of ancient port-channel Levanto whose preparation? was treated by ISCUM of Genoa.

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