VIA SANTA CATERINA, (Chiaramonte Gulfi)

The Museum has four exhibition sections: the religious ceremony, the plastic arts, painting, furniture and ceramic coating.

The first section presents Hangings and Vestments, almost entirely located in the great Hall. There you can admire chasubles and gold silk; different planets; a silver monstrance with behind the statue of Santa Caterina, silver goblets, a mother-of-Pearl altar cross, stole and cooked fine and capes.

The plastic art museum presents the terracotta sculptures of Giuseppe Criscione and sons Alberto and Paola; over thirty "figurines" Ethnographic Nativity Iblei in the classical style of Criscione as is known throughout Europe. The crib is reconstructed on a model depicting elements of environmental and architectural heritage of Chiaramonte.

In the painting section are exhibited some paintings of s. Malik depicting the interiors of the churches of San Giovanni Battista, the SS Salvatore, San Vito and the sanctuary of Gulfi.

It also hosted a collection of Abaker, well-known craftsman Potter pottery, caltagirone did an art, European national.

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