VIA MONTESANO, 1 (Chiaramonte Gulfi)

Among the pieces to be admired immediately, at the beginning of the visit, the Raven with other common Ravens, along with Jay and magpie. Then there are the owls, the Barn Owl, the eagle owl, frammischiato to that town and from the swamp. Until we will see the beautiful snowy owl. Many species of Buzzards are exposed (by that municipality to fit), species of Hawks (including the Peregrine Falcon and the Honey, known also because it feeds on bees and Wasps after trick off the sting), the sparrow hawk young, then the Kites with kite on top. Remarkable reminder of the sections dedicated to Aquile, the Vultures, and Griffins: majestic and "Imperial" "" individual specimens of these prey. Follow still Pelicans and Cormorants, until the hens prataiole, Bustards, partridges and the beautiful bodies of gulls, including the herring gull.

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