PAV-Parco Arte Vivente

Via Giordano Bruno 31 31 (Turin)

Oggi: 12:00 PM-7:00 PM
7:55 PM-7:55 PM

B 21 °

The PAV is born in an abandoned industrial area, from an original idea by the artist Piero Gilardi, born in Turin in 1942. He is a prominent exponent of arte povera and aims to promote the creation and development of artistic institutions devoted to the specific topic of the relationship between art and nature. This is a careful investigation and research on the subject of contemporary art such as parks ' interactive museums in nature '. The project of the Park is its stresses and relationships with artists, these relationships with the environment, with its constraints and its potential, and with the public and social commissions, a system of relationships where the place of production of the works is the same as that of the exposure, and the exposure is the territory where the works, entering into relationship between them, contribute to the process of building this piece of landscape. The Park of living art is so according to a definition by Piero Gilardi as ' a shipyard, a continuous dialogue of experiences open to otherness, in homology with living systems ' biosphere.

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