Oggi: Chiuso

The location of the Museum is definitely prestigious: the Palace of the old Palace, located on top of the hill overlooking Guasco from above the Harbour and the old town, is, together with the adjacent Romanesque cathedral of San Ciriaco, the testimony and the symbol of the splendour of the city of Ancona.
The construction of the Museum is organised on two levels according to the most modern criteria: works under museografici, security systems, overcoming of architectural barriers, specialized library and publications for sale. The works, divided into 18 rooms were arranged both according to a chronological procedure which according to thematic groupings. Is it possible, then, visiting the Museum, retrace the salient moments of art and history of our country. The collections contained therein are notable both in terms of quantity (over 460) than quality; They include sculptural complex, stone fragments, inscriptions, scrolls, precious textiles and tapestries, a collection of coins, jewelry, pottery, paintings and canvasses painted.
Some works of exceptional merit as Gorgonio sarcophagus of the 4th century, the book of Saint Marcellin in the sixth century, the silk cloth of San Ciriaco of the 10th century, the stone pluteus-12th century, the Cathedral Treasury, painted boards of Marche School of the 15th century and the four Flemish tapestries, fabrics in early ' 600, on cartons designed by P.P. Rubens , alone would justify a visit to the Museum; it, however, is not intended as mere artistic grounds container but a path full of testimonials and references in the history of the Catholic community of Ancona, so each piece is an irreplaceable piece of this cultural route.
There are several levels of reading of precious objects stored in the Museum: the artistic, aesthetic and iconological one technical, historical, liturgical and devotional; they, for a complete understanding of the artwork, are inextricably linked and that is why the competent staff available to the visitor, making guided tours that allow a better use of the rich and varied heritage kept in the Museum.

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