Palazzo Carignano

Via Accademia delle Scienze 5 (Turin)

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Palazzo Carignano is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in the historic center of Turin. Along with the Royal Palace, Palazzo Madama and the Royal Palace of Venaria it is one of the most important historic buildings that are part of the cycle Savoy Residences of UNESCO and is therefore considered a World Heritage Site. Inside it houses the Museum of the Risorgimento.

Palazzo Carignano gives its name to the square and creates the side facade of the Palace of the Academy of Sciences and with the impressive back of the church of St. Philip Blacks a baroque architectural value in the old town that includes the paths of Turin Baroque.

The Savoy residence was built by Emanuele Filiberto the Mute, who commissioned the work to the architect Guarino Guarini. Work began in 1679 and ended in 1685. When, in 1848, the building was designated as the seat of the Chamber of Deputies of the Subalpine Parliament, the architect Carlo Sada he changed the wonderful ballroom inside the elliptical body. The ellipse is just one of the features of the building because, clearly distinguishable from the outside, creating a space sinuous line of alternating concave facade sections with convex parts in a particular optical effect.

On this great decorative frieze on the front side there is the inscription QVI NACQVE VITTORIO EMANVELE II. The plaque was added in 1884 by Carlo Ceppi, respecting the Baroque style in brick. The interior is beautifully decorated with frescoes and stucco made of Stefano Legnani said "the Legnanino".

The great hall, which will house the new Italian Parliament, was not then never used for the purpose for which it was built.

It was at Palazzo Carignano, which occurred two memorable events:

the reading of the proclamation in which the Prince Regent on behalf of Carlo Felice, Carlo Alberto of Savoy-Carignan, granted the Statute
the session in which the King of Sardinia and Duke of Savoy, Vittorio Emanuele II, proclaimed the birth of the Kingdom of Italy.

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