The puppet Company of Caltagirone held sign since 1918 thanks to his animator, Don Gaetano Russo, and endured until 1989. In 1992, thanks to the intervention of the owners of the collection of Puppets and Placards and some private, the Theatre was reopened and restored to the original image.  The collection of puppets includes seventy subjects ranging in size from 1.20 to 1.45 metres, built entirely of wood, and fifty spare heads that allow you to have a large number of characters. The puppets are dresses dresses in satin and velvet and equipped with armor in iron and copper handmade.
The shows, which propose the heroics of the knightly epic renewed from time to time by the imagination and creativity of the artists, taking place on stage with several interchangeable backdrops of 1918 painted by hand. Those who sponsor and speakers give life and voice to the puppets while aides ensure the succession of the various characters.
The puppets belong to the Pupara School Carpenter, as opposed to that of Palermo, from which they differ both in size (taller and heavier than those Catania) for both the invoice and handling techniques. To enrich the view there is a cart and key historical texts (dated 1918) from which the Russian drew inspiration for his pupare performances.

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