Torre di San Cristoforo

piazza Roma, (Oristano)

Located in the historic centre of Oristano, the Tower of St. Christopher, also called of Mariano II, or Manna, was in medieval times one of the entrance gates to the city. As attested by the inscription at one time placed in the Tower, and now housed in the Antiquarium Arborea was built in 1290. Is one of the few surviving elements of the town walls built by judge Mariano of Arborea II and is the symbol of the city judicial building. Built in sandstone and with an overall height of 28 metres, consists of two overlapping bodies, both with square base. The main body, develops to U with the open side facing the city, and consists of three overlapping planes. On the top floor rises a tower embattled smaller, in which is preserved a Bell of 1430, among the largest in the island. The lower part of the Tower opens up into an arch, which in turn opens up into an ogival arch smaller. The Tower of St. Christopher the altarpiece of St. Christopher, once housed in the structure

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