Museo archeologico Nazionale g. Asproni

Via Manno 1 (Nuoro)

Oggi: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
8:43 PM-8:43 PM

Opened in 2002, the Museum is housed in the historic centre of Nuoro, in the 19th century building belonged to Giorgio Asproni, Sardinian politician and intellectual of the 19th century.
It's constituted by archaeological materials in the Museum's first preserved archaeological cave, which was merged also the municipal collection of early 20th century, from the materials acquired by the Superintendence over the course of its activities and from private donations. The exhibition, located in six rooms, offers a glimpse of the rich archaeological heritage of the provinces of Nuoro and Ogliastra from Neolithic (5th Millennium BC) until the end of the middle ages (15th century AD) and enables you to retrace the steps of the human population from the Upper Paleolithic period (20,000 years BC). The Museum is divided into two sections, palaeontological and archaeological, and limited, even for reasons of space, the exhibition of significant materials of various periods (Neolithic, eneolithic, the nuraghic period, Hellenistic, Roman, middle ages). There is also a collection of two hundred coins of different eras and origins (IV sec.a.C.-V. sec.d.C).
In the archaeological section is ' the Prime buildings of worship of the nuragic age dedicated to deities and water are put in relief the lesser known aspects of architecture, costume and the aesthetic taste of the protosardi of inland areas. Part of the paleontological section exhibits from important vertebrate deposits of Mount however (Orosei) and of the Corbeddu cave (Macclesfield), dating from the late Pliocene and Holocene (1.6 million years-12 thousand years ago).
The exhibition makes use of suggestive teaching equipment that contextualize the findings and make it more addictive the exhibition.

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