Albucciu Nuraghe

, (Arzachena)

Located on the western edge of the plain of Arzachena, nuraghe is on the granite rock that forms an integral part. The masonry, attributable to step between the Middle Bronze and late Bronze (14TH-12th centuries BC) consists of more or less regular rows of granite blocks finished, not by medium and large size, while the finish of the entrance lintels is more accurate. The long façade has a rectilinear by rounded corners. It is characterized by the presence of eight protruding from masonry Corbels which, together with others that have reached us, not adorned the prospectus to support a wooden balustrade, defence purposes. At the center of the front side is located the entrance architrave, rectangular in shape, which is accessed through two raised treads than at ground level. A duct that passes through the thickness of the ceiling should allow to hold the heavy wooden door that had fallen from the top of the terrace. A second opening architrave allows access to some rooms. The largest is the so-called "no room" where they could find a substantial number of people. This room originally had to rise significantly above the terrace, occupying a large internal volume which was later divided into two floors by a wooden mezzanine. The presence of false dome roof inside the structure and the central corridor is ascribed the nuraghe Albucciu among those "mixed" type, i.e. including features of tholos Nuraghe   and those in the hallway.

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