Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria

Piazza Carlo Alberto 3 (Turin)

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The official Foundation of the current National University Library in Turin is located in 1723 when the King Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy, were merged in the new rooms of the Royal University of via Po the three main library funds present in the city: books; the collection of the Royal University, generally tied to the needs of teachers and students; Crown books, collected by the Dukes of Savoy.
The library of the Royal University distinguished himself immediately to the work of cataloguing manuscript heritage, undertaken by Abbot Francesco Domenico, but mainly Badkar by Abbot Giuseppe Pasini, prefect between 1745 and 1770, which edited, together with Antonio and Francesco Rivautella Berta, ex Typographia Director, Codices manuscripti Bibliothecae Regii Taurinensis Athenaei for digesti et linguas partly distributed binas.
The Institute also increased his wealth of printed books, thanks to the privilege granted the right to print, to substantial gifts and the purchase of various funds. More collections arrived following the Suppression of the society of Jesus, and Napoleonic era when the deletions made numerous convents forfeited libraries with books of more than 30,000 volumes.
The richness of the funds held in the 19th century meant that the library at the time of the reorganization of Italian libraries, which occurred with the R.D. of January 20, 1876, was included among those of the first degree and decorated National title charge in the University's traditional, as in charge "to represent, in its continuity and general information, progress and status of the Italian and foreign culture".
In 1904 a catastrophic bowled Institute life: on the night of 25 and 26 January took fire five library rooms, hopelessly compromising, the section of manuscripts, incunabula, Piedmont of aldine and consultation.
During the 20th century. continued acquisitions, also of precious funds; during the second world war, in the bombing of Turin December 8, 1942, were destroyed more than 15,000 volumes (including geographical ones with rich ancient atlases maps) and portions of the General catalogue.
In 1957 he began the construction of its current location in piazza Carlo Alberto, which ended in 1973, when he proceeded to move volumes and offices.
The October 15, 1973 was inaugurated the new library. Two years after the Institute's management was taken over by the Ministry of education to the Ministry of cultural and environmental heritage and in 1998 to the new Ministry of cultural heritage and activities.

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