The Royal Library

Piazza Castello 191 (Turin)

Oggi: Chiuso

The Royal Library, established by King Charles Albert of Savoy-Carignano (1798-1849), located on the ground floor of the East Wing of the Royal Palace, is inserted in the chic environment created in 1837 by the court architect Pelagio Palagi and gathers mainly works of history of Savoy and of historical sciences.
Conserves valuable medieval manuscripts which are valuable testimony luxurious missals of Duke Amadeus VIII-elegant Parsons, rare incunabula, beautiful scenic album designed by Giovanni Tommaso Borgonio, 17th-century naturalistic atlases-unique and quality content-that belonged to Duke Carlo Emanuele I. The Theatrum Sabaudiae, published in Amsterdam in 1682, testifies to the will of the Dukes of Savoy to entrust to the press release of the magnificence of the capital, and residence in their territory represented in coloured plates of strong visual impact.

Of exceptional value graphics library collection, acquired by King Carlo Alberto in 1839, composed by drawings of Italian and foreign masters from the 14th to the 18th century and the extraordinary rendition by the presence of thirteen autograph sheets of Leonardo da Vinci. Since 1998, Hall realized with the contribution of the General Council for the promotion of artistic and Cultural Heritage of Turin, is exposed to valuable bibliographical material rotation and historic-artistic site according to a precise policy of valorisation of possessed assets.

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