Palazzo Cavour

Via Cavour 8 (Turin)

The Palace, one of the best examples of Italian architecture of the 18th century, is known for being home to the Piedmontese statesman Camillo Benso conte di Cavour. In these environments it is founded the newspaper "Il Risorgimento" and discuss the fate of the new Italian homeland with the most illustrious personages of the era. Inside palazzo Cavour has two courtyards-that d and rustic honor agreement, on which overlook stables-originally placed in axis and connected to each other by a splayed portal. A spectacular sequence of spaces also brings together a Hall divided into two rooms with ribbed vaults webs. Built in 1729 to a design by Gian Giacomo Plantery, Palazzo Cavour was enlarged in 1754 with the construction, under the direction of architect Giuseppe Bovis, a new wing on via. Cavour Palace is now a Museum and exhibition venue built and managed by Regione Piemonte to give space for cultural events of great national and international.



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