Via Varrone 30 (Asti)

Oggi: 8:30 AM-6:30 PM
6:53 PM-6:53 PM

The exhibition area is located in Via Varrone, 30 in the basement of the home for the elderly "Canute Borelli" municipal property. The archaeological evidence are formed mainly by the remains of a domus from the second half of the 1st century a.d. The building stood about eighty meters North of the porta urbica (Red Tower), which closed just West the decumanus maximus (coinciding with today's Corso Alfieri). Among the remains of the domus, of particular interest is the mosaic carpet (3 x 1.70 m) that decorated the white earthenware floor dining room (triclinium). The mosaic, a white background with inserting round, rectangular tiles and marble, colored diamond is enhanced by illustrations of fish and Ivy twigs and is bordered by two frames to weave: a black and white herringbone and outer, to braid.

Extraordinary openings Info:
6 January-Easter-Easter Monday-25 April-2 June-15 August-8 December-26 December

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