Cascina Brero del Parco La Mandria, via Scodeggio, (Venaria Reale)

The Museum " and play with the tree and the forest" is not an exhibition of relics and images of the natural park, but an interactive and multimedia laboratory that stimulates the curiosity of visitors and involves them emotionally and rationally in a path of discovery and exploration of the forest environment. The path starts from the tree, a fundamental component, to get to know the amazing variety of living organisms and relationships that characterize the complex forest ecosystem.
A visit to doesn't want to be the replacement but complementary protected area, providing an opportunity to develop some arguments and "see" what is not directly observable in nature, such as the process of photosynthesis, the roots of large trees, underground life.
Park guides are ready to accompany school groups and visitors with the help of cute characters: the tree always changing "hat", the leaf that has dozens of "dressed", the green woodpecker that digs holes in the trunks, the mole who lives among the roots, the black host cetonia of old trees from the hollow trunk.

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