c/o Villa Casana - Parco di Montefiorito, Via Miniere, 31, (Ivrea)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-12:30 PM
1:30 PM-5:00 PM

The Olivetti historic archive Association, founded in Ivrea in 1998 on the initiative of the company Olivetti, in agreement with the Fondazione Adriano Olivetti and the participation of key public and private partners, carries out an activity for the collection, preservation, study, reordering and promotion of vast archival heritage concerning the history of the company and the family personality Olivetti. Thus continues the work started by the Olivetti historical archive, established in 1986, in which the company Olivetti and the Fondazione Adriano Olivetti had entrusted the preservation of their documentary heritage.   These assets, consisting of documents, letters, books, newspapers, magazines, posters, drawings, photos, movies, audio-visual products, and plastic models, are the subject of a systematic work of cataloguing and digitizing as much as possible.   The activities of the Association does not end with the archival recovery closely, cataloging and storage of documents, but also manifests itself through the activity of assistance and advice in respect of scholars and researchers, in collaboration with cultural initiatives by public and private bodies, creation of exhibitions, films, lectures, studies, research and publications designed to promote and deepen the knowledge of history and olivettiani values.

Info, visits:
Archive: from Mon. to Fri. opening hours 8.30-12.30/13.30-17.00 by appointment
Library: Mon-Thu 8.30-12.30 hours/13.30-17.00

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