State Archives of Turin

Piazza Castello 209 (Turin)

Oggi: Chiuso

The original nucleus of the State Archives of Turin is the "honey" of cards of the counts and Dukes of Savoy, which in time will have gone to add archives of families and famous residents, archives of associations, industries and administrative documentation produced by the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Italian State offices in the province of Turin. This important heritage, kept on approximately 83 km of shelving, makes the store a rich mine of information enhance, historians and others, to splurge on 1300 year history of Piedmont, Italy and Europe.
The State Archives of Turin is of considerable importance not only for the documentation retained, but also for the reasons that led to the construction of one of its existing sites. The building hosting the Short Section of the store was designed by Filippo Juvarra between 1731 and 1733 to meet the demand of administrative centralization typical of an absolute monarchy which was that Savoy. Just as architectural synthesis of this strict policy, the seat of the Court Section was included by UNESCO into the system of the Savoy residences – which are also tangible evidence of the control exercised by the family on the territory – and as such recognized world heritage site in 1997.



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