Piazza Castello (Saluzzo)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-1:00 PM
2:00 PM-6:00 PM

The popular name Castile, probably comes from the Latin plural castella ("castles") and perhaps alludes to the fortified complex of buildings, attested since 1120. The location at the top of the village meet residential needs of the family and Marquis guaranteed a direct political and military control over the city. Originally, Castile was like a quadrangular-plan fortress, surrounded by a curtain of walls with four cylindrical towers protruding outwards. Subsequent modification interventions it changed completely. Since 2006 the complex was the subject of a long and careful restoration, to return it to public fruition: its large rooms will host the historical archive, Museum spaces, catering areas, also of excellence, and finally the places where events will be staged cultural and tourist promotion.
IGAV collection
Inaugurated in the fall of 2009, the show is the cornerstone of the multiannual programme Saluzzo-a project of widespread art IGAV. The Castile are present works of contemporary art from the private collection Garuzzo for Visual Arts-IGAV (Turin) granted free use by artists and gallery owners, to provide a representative cross-section of the current art scene, with always different. From September 2011, visitors are confronted with the new production "from the cell to the atelier" reflecting the history of a place that from prison he became creative workshop.
In three years of activity in Saluzzo, IGAV hosted works by over 40 artists and strives constantly to investigate issues related to contemporary organizing temporary exhibitions (collective of young artists, emerging and established artists and personal grandmasters), meetings, conferences and other cultural initiatives.



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