Via Caire Albertoletti, 31, (Orta San Giulio)

The Penotti Ubertini Palace is located in the Centre of the town of Orta San Giulio, on the left side of the climb called della Motta. Presents an impressive front: two balconies in the main building, a large entry door through which they could transit carriages and horses. The construction of the Palace, built by Paul Twins, began in the early 18th century to end in 1747. It passed by inheritance to the De Fort, which took refuge here during the Napoleonic wave, coming from Venice. The Palace was never sold, but was then inherited by Penotti giureconsulti family and notaries of the riviera of Lake Orta, and later in the family inheritance Ubertini current owner.  Penotti Ubertini Palace, stands in the Centre of the medieval village of Orta san Giulio. Located on the Hill of Motta left the parish church of Assuntaè used as a location to host weddings, events, photographic services, parades, exhibitions, presentations.  Presents an imposing front of a rested neoclassical.  Connected to the lobby, where we find a wonderful Austrian piano and old weapons, there are salons, each of which stands out for the peculiarity of floors and coffered ceilings decorated. Another feature of the building are its fireplaces: unforgettable one in white marble. In the North we find room, instead, another fireplace, sixteenth, with in the Centre the coat of arms of the Visconti, right the motto ' bon fin '.

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