Natural History Museum

Corso Matteotti 32 (Lecco)

After having lived during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries many passages of properties and have been used for various uses, in 1927 Palazzo Belgiojoso became the seat of the Musei Civici of Lecco. The entrance is dominated by the large porch on whose walls was a lapidary with vestiges of the 17th century Fort of Fuentes, decorations and inscriptions of some buildings tardomedioevali lecchesi. On the ceiling of the staircase have emerged four medallions of the second half of the 19th century, with the portrait of many characters depicting the protagonists of the novel by Alessandro Manzoni. Today it is home to the Natural History Museum, the archaeological museum and the civic Planetarium, opened in 2004. On the ground floor are open to the public the first rooms of the new Museum, which will be completed in the next few years. In this way, the Palace is a museum complex that, taking the inspiration of its distinguished founders, offers the visitor the opportunity to retrace with seriousness and clarity scientific popularizing history, social and economic environment of Lecco, from the Paleolithic to the contemporary age.

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