Museum of contemporary art

Largo San Sebastiano 10 (Caserta)

The mission of the Museum is deeply tied to the territory, to history and to the artists who have worked in it; It aims to retrace the historical stages of contemporary art in Terra di Lavoro from the post-war period to today. This mission was accompanied by a more open vision capable of conveying the territory the new trends in contemporary art. This is the fundamental relationship with the land. The site chosen for the construction of the permanent collection is the center of social and Cultural Services St. Augustine. The service at Saint Augustine Museum is completed by a number of activities grouped into three types. The first is related to the enjoyment and enhancement of the permanent collection, the second to the creation of a library specializing in art history and a documentary archive for contemporary art and, finally, the third to be completed through educational activities and workshops. Besides these basic services, focusing on the connection between territory, contemporary artistic originality, man and environment, it provides a vision of art extremely flexible and adaptable to changing conditions stemming from the need to be always in step with the times in the era of globalization. The promotion of new trends and new generations are two landmarks that through artistic programming is meant to promote. The branch of the Museum: The "Cypress spinning mill" and "Cuculliera" The Real Belvedere San Leucio and specifically the "Cypress spinning mill" and "Cuculliera", with a very profound ideological connotation, more specifically linked to an image of dynamic innovative creativity (fashion and design) are going to be points of reference, not only for the region but for the entire art world. The new Museum's vocation for the halls of the Royal Belvedere San Leucio is the trait d'union between the artistic program that you intend to bring forward and the philosophy and aesthetics of the Greek world, ancestral source to which to draw for the contemporary. The Museum: except for the collection of the "Caserta club" almost entirely exposed, you chose to present visitors with a thematic exhibition, with the intention of retracing the steps of the history of art from the post-war period to today casertana, will follow a rotation related to curatorial aesthetic choices.

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