Piazza Carignano

Piazza Carignano (Turin)

Piazza Carignano is one of the squares of the historic center of the city of Turin. Not far from Piazza Castello, it is completely surrounded by buildings of baroque Turin. Among these, for example, the imposing Palazzo Carignano, one of the major symbols of the Italian Risorgimento and recently included in the cycle of Savoy residences and the UNESCO. Adorns the center of the square a statue of Vincenzo Gioberti.

In front of the Palazzo Carignano, there is the theater that the square is named.
Carignano Theatre is located in the place of what was once the Ballgame hall of the city of Turin (known as the Red trincotto). It was Vittorio Amedeo of Savoy-Carignan that, in 1709, did fix the boxes to turn the hall into a theater, then opened to the public in 1711. Carnival Here they performed throughout history many authors, by Carlo Goldoni Vittorio Alfieri.

Adjacent to the theater, then the famous restaurant Il Cambio. Existing already in the '700, the exchange owes its fame to the famous people who used to eat: among them, Camillo Benso and Victor Emmanuel II of Italy. In 1859 it was finally inaugurated the monument dedicated to Vincenzo Gioberti, the work of Giovanni Albertoni Valsesian.

The small size of Piazza Carignano is accentuated by the monumentality of the curved facade of Palazzo Carignano. Just go to Via Accademia delle Scienze, just off the Piazza, to be in front of one of the most important museums and a must see of the city of Turin: the prestigious Egyptian Museum. The precious palaces and famous local excellence make Piazza Carignano one of the most rich of artistic, historical and monumental historical center of Turin.

Having made the square a pedestrian area closed to traffic making the atmosphere even more valuable collection.

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