Hall of Sacri_Basilica Furniture of San Domenico Maggiore

Vico San Domenico Maggiore 8 (Naples)

The Hall of Vestments better known as Treasury, lies inside the Basilica of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples. The Hall was built in 1690 to guard a series, now lost, by rich Dominicans objects and hearts of Charles of Anjou, Alfonso I and Ferrante. The hearts were kept in large silver caskets during the French rule, along with many other items stored in the "treasure", were merged to unknown whereabouts, the hearts they kept. The Treasury, after the restorations made on the occasion of the Jubilee of 2000, houses a permanent exhibition of objects, divided into 4 thematic section, corresponding to four wooden cabinets monumental. Lockers, walnut, are the work of Francesco Antonio cabinetmaker Picchiatti (1749). Door decoration is made from ornamental style of the floor, a splendid example of terra cotta tiled, made by the brothers also authors of the Mass of the majolica cloister of Santa Chiara. Sections: The arche Aragonese: in this closet, exposes the most extraordinary specimens that are collected in the Treasury. In the late 1980s, the dresses, dated between the 15th and 16th centuries, who were wearing the mummies placed in burial, preserved and arks on display in the adjacent Vestry, were taken from the bodies, renovated and then exposed. A glimpse of the history of fifteenth century costume, is reconstructed through the clothes in Damascus, veils and silk pillows, daggers, sheaths, coat-of-arms of the aragonese family and some members of the Court nobility. The processions: North-west wall, intended to accommodate those sacred objects carried in procession during the religious festivals of the 1700s and 1800s, gather between vessels and aureole statues of major Dominican Saints. The processional busts, exposed today in the Hall, reproduce the originals, in silver, which were melted down during the French decade and therefore lost. The Treasury: on North-East wall of the room dedicated to the "treasure" real, liturgical equipment are kept more precious than the Dominican friars owned: altar frontals, chasubles and polychrome silks, planets in Brocade lampas of 17th and 18th century. The vestments: in this cupboard are exhibited, among other sacred objects, a beautiful cross in rock crystal and one of cloths, entirely handmade, donated by the family Of Aquino at the Basilica.

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