Piazza Carlo Alberto

Piazza Carlo Alberto (Turin)

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Piazza Carlo Alberto is one of the main squares of the historic center of Turin, near Via Roma and Piazza Carignano. At the center of the pedestrian plaza we find the bronze statue to Charles Albert and the Italian arms. Facing each other in Piazza Carlo Alberto are doing baroque beauty contest the National Library and the majestic Palazzo Carignano, which houses the Museo del Risorgimento, one of the residences of Savoy appointed UNESCO.

The square is named after Carlo Alberto of Savoy, King of Sardinia, son of Carlo Emanuele of Savoy-Carignan, whose family owned the Palazzo Carignano, whose nineteenth-century facade is the main entrance of the Risorgimento Museum. Stands where once lay the gardens inside the imposing baroque building designed by Guarino Guarini, by walls, you raccordavano Directly opposite stable block that today is the prestigious headquarters of the National Library. The area was reorganized by breaking down the walls resulting in the square between 1842 and 1859.

In the building on the corner of the square and Via Carlo Alberto, on the side facing Via Po, he lived in a room on the third floor Friedrich Nietzsche, between the years 1888 and 1889 and where he wrote his opereL'Anticristo, Twilight idols and Ecce Homo: a plaque affixed by the municipality of Turin remembers his stay in the city.

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