ARK-Museum of Contemporary religious art

Piazza Santa Maria La Nova 44 (Naples)

Since December 2006, the historical monumental complex of Santa Maria La Nova in Naples, the Association beyond the Cloister onlus has ARK Museum of religious art, contemporary art, to which, after a two-year start-up phase and the successful investigation of museums and libraries Sector, 2008 was granted in recognition of regional interest. With the birth of the Ark, ranked by 2009 between ICOM Members and AMEI, beyond the Cloister aims at overcoming the classic concept of Museum display, with the aim of making contemporary meeting and exchanging with the artistic production of our days. The Museum is divided into six different routes, collects, in fact, inside religious testimonies of contemporary art from 1949 to the present, by artists of national and international prominence as: Carlo Alfano, Odukoya, Aviero Bargagli, Renato Barisani, Annamaria Bova, Robert Carroll, Arturo Carballo, Loredana Cerveglieri, Riccardo Dalisi, Ciro de Falco, Pasion De Vivo, Gianfranco De Angelis, Antonio Del Donno, Stelio Di Bello , Gerardo Di Fiore, Alì Hassoun, Renato Laffranchi, Christian Leperino, George Langley, Lombard, Francis William, Francesco Manes, Stelio Maria Martini, Rosaria Mahajan, Dino Migliorini, Serena Nono, Maria, Rosa Panaro P.a, Vincenzo Dino Patrons, Aulus Pan, Andrea Pistolesi, Filippo Rossi, Mimma, Schirra, Italian Antonio Anna Tammaro, Trapani, Mauro Vaccai, Carla Viparelli, Samuel Vanni, Peter Fox and Rino. The Museum has also recently launched a collaboration with the Italian Association of friends of the Crib, to give life to a permanent section dedicated to art crib in order to highlight the historical and cultural significance of one of the oldest expressions of Neapolitan tradition and culture in the world.

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