Piazza Castello

Piazza Castello 1 (Turin)

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Piazza Castello is the main square and historic center of Turin. It is located important city buildings, including the Royal Palace and the Senate. Piazza Castello merge four of the main roads of the center: Garibaldi Street (pedestrian), Via Po, Via Roma and Via Pietro Micca.

Castle Square was the center of Turin also in the Savoy period and even earlier. The square's name is derived from the ancient castle can still be seen as part of the Senate, which stands on the ruins of the ancient Roman gate, which was then transformed into a castle.

In the square, all the way around in the Senate, are located three major monuments:

  • the first is, in front Via Garibaldi, the sculpture dedicated to the Messenger Army Sardo, opened in April 1859 by Vincenzo Vela.
  • On the side towards Via Roma, there is a monument to the Knight of Italy by Pietro Canonica in 1923.
  • Finally, on the side facing Via Po, it is the work of Eugenio Baroni dedicated to Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia-Aosta.

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