Piazza Carlo Felice

Piazza Carlo Felice (Turin)

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Piazza Carlo Felice is a square in Turin. It is located at the junction of Via Roma with Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, just opposite Porta Nuova Station.
Dedicated to Carlo Felice of Savoy Kings of Sardinia, was built in 1861 by French architect Jean-Pierre Barrilet Deschamps in the context of the development of the city to the South that had previously led to the creation of Piazza San Carlo. It is surrounded by 19th century palaces with porticoes signed by Giuseppe Leoni, Giuseppe Frizzi and Carlo Promis that, on the north side, well that the central Via Roma with a semicircular Exedra.
In the middle of the square there is the Sambuy Gardens. Fenced and organised on regular plant is bustling with undulations of the ground and with a path of driveways in porphyry that crosses diagonally, providing views with different perspectives.
It is embellished with rare plants, statues dedicated to Edmondo De Amicis, Massimo d'Azeglio and Ernesto di Sambuy. Inside the garden there is a floral clock gift of the city of Geneva.
The square is lined with many activities including historical ancient Chocolate Giordano and the Roma, where Cesare Pavese in 1950 took his own life.
The square is placed under the Line 1 station Porta Nuova Metro and the extensive system of interconnecting underground parkings which extends up to Piazza Castello.

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