piazza Banchi (Genoa)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-7:00 PM

The Loggia dei Mercanti, dramatically related to contemporary the Negro Palace and Church of San Pietro,? built in piazza Banchi from 1589 to 1595 and equip the city? pi space? large and adapted to the new activity? and merchant banking. the stars are the same ones that make the Church: on the one hand the designers Canton, Ponsello and the "Vannone" Casey, the other members to that raise the necessary funds by building thirteen new shops on the opposite side to the Loggia. Resolution , Vannone opera and erroneously attributed to Alessi,? a large space turned Hall supported by round arches on twin columns, 16th century medieval porticos transposition genovesi. In 800 the lodge becomes the seat of the first Italian Goods and Bag the arches, designed by Resasco, floor-to-ceiling Windows are closed, but already? at the beginning of the ' 900 loses its function for the construction of the Palazzo della Borsa in piazza De Ferrari, new "financial centre" of the city. after a long period of neglect in 1991? held a "national competition of ideas" for target location of exhibitions and events, first attempt at redevelopment of historic centre ahead of Colombian Events ' 92 that will transform the entire port area. After hosted exhibitions and small business? temporary business, from 2011 contains l?? Urban Center? the municipality of Genoa, a place dedicated to communication and discussion on the urban transformation of the city.

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