Via Amerigo Vespucci 13 (Genoa)

Oggi: 9:30 AM-7:00 PM

Considered one of the most romantic parks? World's original, the Park of villa Durazzo Pallavicini in Pegli, desired by the Marquis Ignatius Pallavicini, was designed and built in 1840 by Michele canzio, then Art Director of the carlo Felice Theatre. The work continued for six years, and from these it scatur? not only a romantic style park, but an original itinerary consisting of theatrical set designs related to each other by a narrative track: the Classic Boulevard, the Cough? House, the Arc de Triomphe, the hermit's House ... and yet the caves, the big lake with Chinese Pagoda, the Temple of Diana, the Roman bridge, the Flora, the garden Gazebo of roses, all in a picturesque landscaped meticulously composed realization in its architectural and vegetal elements and ordered according to a precise path from philosophical content. The continuous changes of scenery, the wise combinations of architectural and natural elements, and especially the engaging narrative track that is the base of the route, make it exciting even today the visit despite urban aggression that surrounds the Park. There is no shortage of plant specimens of great botanical garden-landscaped: the monumental camphor joined the Cedar of Lebanon places on the margins of the Lake, the collection of exotic Palm trees, araucaria and cork trees, Banksia rose and the Lauroceraso, but in particular stands out among all the collection of old camellias, some ultracentenarie, that every spring is a real attraction with its particular bloom.

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