salita Dinegro 7/R (Genoa)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-7:00 PM

The Foundation Genoa 1893, after realizing in 2008 the exhibition "Football. The et? Pioneer (1898-1908) "he received, by decision of the Ministry of heritage and activities? June 25, 2008, cultural recognition of cultural interest under art. 48 c. 6 d. lgs. 42/2004 and art. 8, c. 2, lett f) DPR 2007/233, has scheduled the realization of complettao "Museum of the history of Genoa", which in June 2009? opened to the public. Represent through objects, memorabilia, documents, photographic material and the cinematic history of Genoa implies the representation of that part of the social history of the country and the city? in Genoa that? formed by sport and mass participation in such activities, which form of spectacle and social phenomenon. In the Museum? especially edited the counterpoint between the history of genoa and the city? using pairs of videos, each of which invokes the corresponding periods for the two parallel events. It also wants to recall those models ripropore and sportivit?, loyalty, selflessness that have characterized past eras. Among the purpose? which led to the creation of "Museum" it should be noted that the education of new generations in a proper way to live football as spectacle, as practice and as a moment of social aggregation. The initiative of the Museum of the history of Genoa wants to fill the gap resulting from the negligence of the past and characterised by dispersal of historically significant documents and materials. About you? Turning a work search, retrieval, acquisition of objects, memorabilia, documents and movies that had gone missing and over time you? wanted to put in a unit? historically significant, ensuring the restoration, conservation and fruibilit? from the audience.

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