VIA PRIONE 234 (La Spezia)

Oggi: Chiuso

The building in which the Museum Amedeo Lia? the ancient convent of Friars minimum of San Francesco di Paola, built starting in 1616. By 1798, due to cancellations, the Jacobean monastery became first a military hospital and later a hospital. To better carry out the function of city hospital in the following years are made showy changes, such as the removal of the Bell Tower and the separation of the original spaces with partitions and columns. following the construction of the new city hospital was transformed into barracks and then in residence since 1914. In the first world war is finally used as seat of the District Court and municipal offices. You get what? the restructuring and functional conversion of the 1990s, needed to make the building suitable to host the prestigious Civic Museum Amedeo Lia, with an exhibition curated by architect Cesarina Zanetti, head of the restoration of the former convent together at Franco Farina engineer.

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