Oggi: Chiuso

St. George's Castle is currently the most representative monument of the historic town? of La Spezia. Place on a small pad called the Poggio, dominating the village of late medieval education, the Fort has experienced several phases of construction, documented since the second half? from the 14th century and witnessed by the remains of the foundations of the tower and walls, where are still visible the slits for the archers. In 1443 the Castle undergoes a radical speech with the addition of the body, arranged for the use of firearms. While a century pi? later, in 1554, d? beginning the work of building a major defensive work called Bastia support, whose remains are riaffiorati recently, and a complete renovation of the building top. Finally, in 1607 it d? interventions that we hand deliver the castle in its final form, as a result of the important work of redevelopment of the defensive system of the Gulf of Venice.

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